Truth or Fiction?

Truth or Fiction? Hmmm...

May 25, 2006 ~ Philosophy is the talk on the cereal box

Integrity is only a side dish of life's feast. An all important one, but still a side dish nonetheless. You do not become what you do, it becomes you….defines you.

Principles are in the core.

Principles and character are things that should always come from a place of love….if they don't, then they should be further refined. All humans should strive for this. Your principles and character should not be defined by what you choose to do to make the currency needed to live in this world. If they are they can turn bitter and cold…not full of love, and like before, they should always come from a place of love.

For example: the sincerest form of love in my life is the love I'm infused with because of my parents. Because they love me, because I love them, whichever…it's the love that moves between us that is sincere. The work ethic that was passed down from my Dad to me (organically, I might add…he certainly didn't push it on us nor have we ever really even discussed it) is not to be taken lightly. It is pure and it serves its purpose in this world. Yes, I can question it, yes I can change it, and yes, it would be perfectly ok if it had not been passed to me…but what I choose to do with what is ingrained in me, is perfectly me…and me is perfect (and you know I don't mean society's typical "perfect") And that comes from a place of love. No question. It is without doubt.

I know that the only principles that have the power to carry me through the FULL light of day, are the ones that have been passed down to me...the ones that shine through by instinct in a moment of need...and I won't deny my role in this world by denying who I am. And I won't cloud my path with anger for not being who I think I'm supposed to be...which really, when you break it down, is simple rebellion. I will accept my role by being the best at who I already am. It doesn't mean I won't change the things that I can see do not come from, create, or encompass love.

I share because I feel we all are currently and readily doing our part in this world. It is the individual who requests or urges another to question their own purpose, who is actually questioning life themselves. That is good, that is their path; however, their responsibility lies in spreading love, not causing others to doubt themselves…doubt is where one's path becomes thorny, unclear and cold, thus, reversing the effect the "questioner" hopes to have by questioning in the first place. Judging others' paths is what I like to call spiritual ignorance. Similar to judging someone based on color or creed…but on a spiritual level. Hence, my theory…there are no wrong choices; it is the ones judging them, that sculpts them into "wrong". (Not saying there is no universal right and wrong…again…"coming from a place of love")

Consider for a moment the man who sits in a chair in front of his TV, day in, day out, no activity…only consistent perspective, polluting his mind with other's thoughts, creativity and beliefs. He seems to be wasting his life away…but he doesn't have questions…he's content and happy. But what knowledge would we ourselves be lacking without our own perspective on this man? What if he, or anyone like him, never existed. How would we know what not to be? He, in turn, is serving his purpose….so his choice is not wrong.

There is a delicate balance in this world, and each person's role is not to be taken lightly. Each person is serving their purpose. No one should be considered more or less spiritual than the next...each person is part of a greater entity, whether they know it or not.

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