Truth or Fiction?

Truth or Fiction? Hmmm...

on Osama

Call it intuition, but you know how certain things just strike you as a straight up truth? You hear it and it resonates somewhere inside of your core as something that was always milling around in the ether and finally it was plucked out of the clear blue by some act of randomness, and you realize you were born to hear it, so much so that you get a chill up your spine? This news? Not one of those things. It struck me as suspect within a split second of hearing the words fall from my friend Eric's lips. How perfectly and conveniently tidy it is...buried at sea huh? Interesting.

The celebrating is a whole other bag of chips. Doesn't it strike those people doing the celebrating like one of those movies where someone thinks they got the 'bad guy' and they let their guard down only to turn around and get blasted by said bad guy? It’s usually the humble ones with a keen sense that end up surviving in those movies. Ironic how we can watch clips of commoners in the middle east reacting in a similar way about what they consider a ‘win’, and we call them ‘sick’, only to do the same. Not only that, we are doing the same thing AFTER we’ve seen them do it and hated it. No keen sense at hand in that equation is there? If you must celebrate, consider doing so humbly...your fool is showing.

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